41CrAlMo7 905M31 1.8509 EN41B 40CAD6.12 Nitriding Steel

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41CrAlMo7 40CAD6.12 905M31 DIN 1.8509 EN41B Nitriding Steel

41CrAlMo7 40CAD6.12 905M31 DIN1.8509 EN41B Nitriding Steel

1 41CrAlMo7 Introduction:

Al-alloyed nitriding steel grade for large-sections.

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2 41CrAlMo7 Application:

EN41B Nitriding Steel is suited for applications that required excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. Typical applications include connecting rods, small extruders, valve stems, dies. It is widely used in the automotive, textile and general engineering industries. Suitable for applications requiring a resistance to wear, it is also suitable for other applications such as brick press plates, clutch plates, gudgeon, track and shackle pins.

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3 Quality Standard:

BS 970 Specification for Wrought steels for mechanical and allied engineering purposes

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4 All Grades Comparison:

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5 Chemical Composition(%):

0.35-0.450.40-0.650.10-0.350.05 max0.05 max1.40-1.800.40 max0.15-0.250.90-1.30

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6 Typical Mechanical Properties:

ConditionTensile Strength Rm (Mpa)Yield Strength R2 (Mpa)Elongation (longitudinal direction) Al (%)Impact Energy Joules (20°C) (KCV J)Hardness (HB)
R700-850480 min16 min28 min201-255
S775-925525 min14 min16 min223-277

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  • Annealing:Heat slowly to 650-700°C. Cool in air.
  • Hardening:EN41B Nitriding Steel is supplied ready heat treated. If further heat treatment is required annealed EN41B Nitriding Steel should be heated slowly to 870-930°C and after adequate soaking at this temperature quench in oil/polymer or water. Temper as soon as tools reach room temperature.
  • Tempering:Heat carefully to a suitable temperature selected by reference to a tempering chart or table (usually between 580-700°C). Soak at the temperature for 2 hours per 25mm of ruling section, then allow to cool in the air.

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8 41CrAlMo7 Mill′s test certificate:

EN 10204/3.1 with all relevant data reg. chem. composition, mech. properties and results of testing.

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