300M S155 Alloy Steel

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300M S155 Alloy Steel

300M S155 Alloy Steel

300M S155 Alloy Steel

Supplying Size:

Rolled: Diameter 40-200mm

Forged: Diameter 80-600mm

300M/S155 is a high performance alloy steel which is a vacuum melted grade, supplied in the normalised and tempered/softened condition to enhance machinability prior to final heat treatment.

Chemical Component:

C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni V
0.38-0.46 1.45-1.8 0.6-0.9 0.01 0.01 0.7-0.95 0.3-0.65 1.65-2 0.05
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Mechanical Properties:

Mechanical & Physical Properties 21 °C
Ultimate Tensile Strength /MPa 1981
0.2% Yield Strength /MPa 1672
Reduction of area % 35
Elongation % 10
Room Temperature Hardness/ Rockwell C 58

(Normalised at 927 °C for 1 hour+air cool/Austenitised at 871°C for 1 hour + oil quench/Tempered at 302°C for 1 hour+air cool)

Hardness at Various Tempering Temperature 204°C 316°C 427°C 538°C 649°C
Hardness / Rockwell C 53 52.5 50 47 35

(Austenitised at 871°C for 1 hour + oil quench/Tempered for 2+2 hour+air cool)

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It has a combination of ultra high strength, good fatigue resistance and excellent transverse properties, and as such finds many applications in the aerospace industry, such as undercarriage components, gears and shafts.

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AMS 6417, ASTM A579

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300M/S155 can be used in a variety of applications, here are just a few examples:

Undercarriage components



Aircraft landing gear

High strength bolts

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7.85 g/cm^3

Specific Heat Capacity:

448 J/kg*K

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion from -17.8-93°C:

11.34 µm/mm/°C

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