AISI 4140 L80 Alloy Steel

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Heat Treatment
Cold Processing
Hot Working


AISI 4140 80K, PSL 3, API 5CT Standards, NACE MR0175:2015

Chemical Composition

GradeCMnCrMoSiPSNiCuVH max. ppm

Heat Treatment

Austenizing temperatureTimeTempering temperatureTime
1600 ±25℉Min. 60 minutes1250 ±50℉Min. 60 minutes

Oil or Polymer or Water. For Water Quenching, the temperature of water shall not exceed 38℃ (100℉) at start of quench. For bath-type quenching, the temperature of water shall not exceed 49℃(120℉) at any time during the quench cycle.

Mechanical Properties

as per ASTM A370 -20

Yield strengthTensile strength minimumElongation inReduction Area
Min. 80,000 psi (552 MPa)100,000 psi (690 MPa)18%35%

Quality Inspection

  • Specimen test location & QTC
  • Charpy V-notch impact at 21℃ / -32℃ / -60℃
  • Hardness as per ASTM E10-18: On surface / 1”below surface
  • Volumetric NDE 100% – Ultrasonic
  • Minimum hot work reduction ratio 4.0 to 1
  • Grain size should be #S or Finer as per ASTM E112 – 13
  • Surface inspection